LoyaltyX are an experimental loyalty agency
Loyalty is ripe for disruption
We exist to reinvent loyalty
The customer will be the ultimate disruptor

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Loyalty is boring. Loyalty is broken.

The basic points-based loyalty program design is over 30 years old, and is ripe for reinvention.

So where will the change come from?

LoyaltyX are an experimental loyalty agency.

We are loyalty consultants & innovators specializing in the application of new ideas and technology designed to redefine the industry.

Loyalty is ripe for disruption, and LoyaltyX are committed to obsessively seeking out the best methods of disruption. We will reinvent loyalty.

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Blockchain Loyalty

Imagine a loyalty program where members earn a currency which increases in value over time as the program or brand becomes more popular. A member earning $10 worth of rewards today could find it is worth $20 when they redeem it.

This is where Blockchain helps.

Blockchain serves a very specific purpose in loyalty; the ability to create a trustworthy digital currency (cryptocurrency) and manage it transparently. The application of blockchain technology and digital- currency within a loyalty program transforms points into a free-floating currency; finite (scarce), subject to market forces (value fluctuates based on supply & demand) and openly transferable.

LoyaltyX are running a series of world-first blockchain loyalty projects.

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Blockchain Loyalty
Retail Personalisation

Retail Personalisation

Most modern companies utilise marketing personalisation to tailor communications to their customers and segment the online experience. When the same customer walks into a retail store however, they’re treated like a stranger.

The LoyaltyX team tirelessly research & apply new approaches to retail which enable matching the in-store member to their digital profile. This unlocks a wealth of new opportunities by serving-up tailored in-store offers and recommendations within a personalized experience.

LoyaltyX are constantly running trials and research to determine best practise for in-store personalisation; to identify the brands which are winning by implementing such strategies; to uncover the underlying technology and to reveal how in-store personalisation can be implemented in a fast and cost-effective way.

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Our Latest Projects

We are loyalty consultants & innovators specializing in the application of new ideas and technology designed to redefine the industry.

We identify opportunities, conduct market trials using scientific principles, and utilize the learnings to provide clients with a competitive edge.

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